Are you tired of managing your symptoms?

Would you like to discover a way of restoring your health instead?

Your body and mind are a finely tuned intelligent system, which responds beautifully to the gentle stimulus of just the right natural substance to help it to heal.


Homeopathy is a natural, restorative approach to healthcare.

People seek homeopathic healing for all manner of conditions, and as a whole person approach it can be used universally, for long term chronic health problems, everyday acute ailments, and first aid and post-operative recovery.

I have a particular interest in helping people navigate times of change in their lives, including puberty and menopause, parenting and childhood, and at the times when we face trauma, grief and loss. I work with children, adolescents and adults.


I first came to Karen after seeing a gynaecologist at my local hospital. I was booked in for a procedure but decided to try homeopathy first. I had been suffering for a number of years with gynaecological problems. I felt at ease straight away when I had my initial consultation and went away with renewed hope that I may just escape surgery after all.

From the outset Karen has always showed such professional care and kindness and a real sense of empathy for her patients. The help given to me has been outstanding and not only has my homeopathic treatment meant I’ve avoided surgery but has helped me remain free from symptoms for a number of months now. My quality of life has improved considerably. Thank you so much Karen for your help.

Homeopathy Client


Have you been struggling with health problems for which you can find no lasting help?

Feeling anxious or depressed and wondering if there are any genuinely natural solutions?

Concerned about the potential side effects of prescription drugs and want to improve your health more naturally?

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My approach is personalised and collaborative – working alongside you throughout your healing journey.

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Healing helps us reconnect all the parts of ourselves and bring us back into balance and harmony. In health we are free to flourish and fulfil our natural potential.