James’s mum consulted me when he was 10 years old.  James loves sports, and is a good runner.  He competes in running races, and generally does very well.  James is a serious and quiet boy, and although he loves to race, he was suffering badly from pre-race nerves.  This means he would start to feel anxious the day before a big race, with difficulty sleeping, and he would be sick the night before and also on the morning of the race.  He couldn’t eat, and would feel nervous and miserable.

James had also suffered from acid reflux as a baby, and repeated ear infections.  He is a sensitive child and prone to low moods, sometimes finding school difficult to cope with.

After a few sessions of homeopathic treatment James was doing really well.  He was more relaxed before races, with no nausea, sickness or anxiety.  He was more philosophical too, still wanting to do well, but not devastated if he didn’t win.

If you or your child suffer from anxiety, get in touch with me to talk about how I can help.