It is the start of the new school year here in the UK next week.  

We all cope with new situations differently – children and adults – according to our nature, our personality, and prior experiences.  When it comes to school, some children are eager to dive back into a stimulating environment, thriving on the social contact and new experiences in store.  For others the prospect of school brings on almost painful anticipation, as they find the stimulation too much, and the prospect of a noisy classroom with an overload of sensory input can be overwhelming.  And for some, leaving their safe and familiar home environment to go back to school, brings on social anxiety: will they be able to make friends?  Will the other children like them?  

As parents and family members of course we are keen to help children transition back to school as smoothly as possible.  Homeopathy can help, and this time of year there are lots of posts on social media with remedy recommendations to ease anxiety and help our children get back into the school year as happily as possible.

I could suggest remedies too, but first I’d like to pause and reflect.  Challenging new situations can bring up deep feelings.  When deep feelings surface, it is an opportunity to heal.  Why is this?  The direction of healing is outwards.  The human organism is highly intelligent, and seeks always to complete an outward directed endeavour to heal and restore harmony.  This is why, after taking a well matched homeopathic remedy, individuals often experience a ‘discharge’.  This may be a physical vent, for example, increased perspiration, a fever or a runny nose.  But they may also experience an emotional discharge, expressing feelings that were previously buried, unconscious or unexpressed.  

Bearing all this in mind, the first homeopathic help to offer is to listen: encourage your child to share how they feel about returning to school, and validate their feelings.  Resist the temptation to offer solutions!  Compassionate listening is homeopathic – it encourages expression, in a safe and non-judgemental space.  Expressing difficult feelings and being heard, eases the burden.  

If a child has anxieties that persist, consider taking them to see a homeopath.  We listen carefully to their feelings, their history, and the context or background to their anxiety.  Healing anxiety needs a whole person, inside out approach to allow each child to move forward in greater freedom, unburdened by old emotional patterns.  

And finally, there are a number of remedies that can ease acute anxiety about returning to school, depending on the way your child experiences their anxiety.  These include Gelsemium, Argentum nitricum, and Pulsatilla.

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