Homeopathy is a powerful healing ally in the treatment of injuries, including blunt trauma.  A remedy that matches your symptoms will strongly boost your body’s own healing ability, reducing swelling and pain, and supporting your prompt recovery.

There is a wide range of homeopathic medicines used in the treatment of physical injury involving bruising from blows and falls.  Home prescribing can often be effective in such cases, though in more serious or complex cases of physical trauma professional care may be advisable.

Here is a small selection of the remedies used in the treatment of bruising from blows and falls.   If you are self treating, choose the remedy which most closely matches your symptoms and experience.


Aconite is often helpful in injuries attended by intense pain, which is so intense that it makes the person highly agitated, fearful and restless.  Aconite is specifically indicated in injuries of the eyes, accompanied by light sensitivity and watering of the eyes.  It is often referred to as the ‘Arnica of the Eyes’ because of its effectiveness in eye injuries.


Arnica is the first remedy to think of for physical trauma. It matches any situation involving bruising, pain, swelling and bleeding, and will also address the emotional shock involved.  Situations including bruised muscles from overexertion, blunt trauma, falls and sprains will all be helped by Arnica.

Bellis perennis

Bellis perennis is generally less well known than Arnica, but is an important remedy for certain types of injury.  It is made from the European Daisy, and the plant is also known as Bruisewort.  It is helpful for recovery from falls on the coccyx, and for soft tissue injuries, such as blows to the abdomen or breast, with bruising and soreness.  It will often be helpful where swelling remains after Arnica has been given.


More often used in professional care, Conium is a remedy which is indicated in induration or hardening of soft tissues after blunt trauma (blows or falls), especially after blows to the breast.


Hypericum is often called the ‘Arnica of the Nerves’, and should be thought of in injuries to parts of the body which are rich in nerves.  Painful injuries with sharp, shooting or radiating pain, including for example, spinal or head injuries, injuries to toes or fingers, and falls on the coccyx.  Remedies can be given while you await medical help, where there is cause for concern.


Ledum is a remedy with a wide range of uses in first aid treatment.  Regarding blunt trauma, it is used for a black eye (ie bruising to the eye area from a blow), which feels better for external cold applications.  It is also indicated where there is long lasting discolouration after a blunt injury.


Ruta is one of the main remedies for injured or bruised bones, and specifically for injuries to the periosteum (the layer of fibrous tissue that covers the bones), and blunt injuries to connective tissues generally.  It is also a specific remedy for hard nodules that form on the periosteum following a blow.

Sulphuric acid

This remedy is perhaps a less well known remedy for injuries, but is useful for blunt trauma with extensive bruising, where the bruising persists for a long time, even after treatment with Arnica.


Symphytum is better known as a remedy to support fracture healing, but is also a useful remedy for a blow to the eye, where the pain is felt in the eyeball itself.  It is also indicated in injuries where pain remains in the periosteum (the layer of fibrous tissue that covers the bones) after the injury has healed.  

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