6 year old Oscar had not been himself since a vomiting bug a few weeks ago.  When his mother consulted me, Oscar had just developed circular red eruptions on his torso and leg, and tick bites were suspected.  He had become unsettled at night, and his appetite was low.  He had suffered from eczema in the past, and this has reappeared recently too.

Along with the skin eruptions, Oscar had started to experience night terrors.  He would wake around midnight, shaking and confused, leap out of his bed and RUN.  He has always been scared of the dark and monsters, but now this is exaggerated and he hates to be on his own.  He imagines monsters coming out of the darkness to get him, and says he sees people in his room.

Oscar is usually gentle and loving, but has become more angry recently, lashing out at his older brother.  He holds his breath and looks as though he will explode with anger.  Oscar has also developed a fascination with death, and asks his parents many questions about graveyards and what happens when people die.

The key recent event in Oscar’s life has been the arrival of a new baby sister.  His behaviour has changed since she was born, and the sleep disturbance and physical symptoms have all appeared since this time.  It was the first time in Oscar’s life that he had been parted from his mother, and he feels that his sister ‘gets all the attention’ at home.

Oscar received the remedy Hyoscyamus 1M.  He has made a prompt recovery, and his mum reports that he is ‘cheerful, and back to his old self’. The skin rash and eczema have disappeared.  Oscar was ‘scared of everything’, but is now more relaxed in himself, affectionate and cuddly.  The night terrors are much improved, and he is sleeping well.

Hyoscyamus is one of the remedies prescribed for difficulties following the birth of a sibling, and it will also help with night terrors and fearfulness in children, where the picture matches.  Because the remedy matched the whole picture well, the skin symptoms also resolved quickly.

If you have a child who is struggling to cope with the changes in the family since the birth of a sibling, or who suffers from night terrors or anxiety, or if you suffer from anxiety yourself, get in touch to speak with me about how I can help.