Homeopathy is the No.1 natural treatment option for hay fever.  It is free from side effects such as drowsiness, and can be used by children and adults alike.  Swift relief can usually be obtained by using one of a range of acute hay fever remedies.  

How does it work?  You need to match the way you experience your hay fever symptoms to a remedy which produces those exact symptoms.  This is the key homeopathic principle that ‘like cures like’.  The better the match to your symptoms, the better the result.  Below is a list of some of the most commonly used hay fever remedies, with their indications.

If you want to reduce your hay fever symptoms in the longer term, and boost your overall level of health, it is a good idea to work with a homeopath and take a course of homeopathic treatment.  When someone with hay fever consults me, we look at your hay fever symptoms in the bigger context of their health history, and address the hay fever from the inside out, dealing with the root cause of the problem.

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Here are eight of my favourite remedies for acute hay fever.  If one of these matches the symptoms you experience, you can try it safely without prescription, with a few basic ground rules.  See my free downloadable e-book ‘My Top Ten Homeopathic Remedies’ for more on how to self-prescribe safely and effectively, including dosage instructions.  For symptomatic relief of acute hay fever, potencies of 6c or 12c are suitable.

Arsenicum – the main characteristic of the type of hay fever that will respond to Arsenicum is burning.  There is a burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat, with sneezing and runny nose.  The person will feel better for staying indoors and keeping warm, and the symptoms will typically feel worse at night.

Euphrasia – hay fever that mainly affects the eyes will respond to Euphrasia.  Also known as Eyebright, it is  a remedy well known for its use in eye conditions more generally.  In a Euphrasia case of hay fever the eyes water profusely, with burning and smarting.  The eyelids will sometimes swell, and the eyes feel sore and gritty.  If the nose is affected there is a runny nose (but without burning).  Symptoms are worse for sunlight, but the person feels better in cool, open air.

Allium cepa – this remedy is made from red onion, and symptoms are characterised by a rawness and soreness in the nose, with runny nose accompanied by a burning sensation.  There may be much sneezing.  The eyes are often watery too, with redness and sensitivity to light, and sometimes symptoms are worse in the left eye (but without burning – the opposite of Euphrasia).  Symptoms tend to be worse in the evening and in a warm room, and Allium cepa often corresponds to hay fevers that come on in spring or late summer.

Sabadilla – itchy and blocked nose, with violent sneezing which makes the eyes water.  Margins of eyelids are red and sore, and eyes also water in open air and sunlight. Symptoms are characteristically better for warmth – feels better for keeping warm, and from warm food or drinks (compare Arsenicum).

Pulsatilla – a predominance of catarrhal symptoms, with yellow green discharge from the eyes and nose.  There may be a dry, sore throat which feels swollen.  The person is characteristically thirstless with the symptoms, and feels better in the open air, and worse in a stuffy room.  

Nux vomica – the main characteristic of hay fever which will respond to Nux vomica is itching and irritation.  There may be an uncomfortable itching in the ears or throat, and a constant desire to sneeze.  The person is typically irritable and bad tempered with the symptoms, which tend to be worse in the early morning, and better for warm drinks.

Mixed Pollen and Grasses – this is a Helios Pharmacy combination remedy which can be used on its own or in combination with other remedies in the treatment of acute hay fever.

Histaminum – this is a remedy made from potentised histamine, and can be helpful where there is no clear picture for a more specific remedy, or if other acute remedies have been tried unsuccessfully.

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