Acute sinusitis is a relatively common condition, and it typically comes on after a cold, or as a result of allergies.  It refers to acute inflammation of the sinuses, which are bilateral (paired) cavities in the head, connected by narrow channels to drain fluids.  They help to humidify the air you breathe, and make fluid mucus that lubricates your nasal passages and helps to keep them clean.  Problems can occur when sinuses become blocked by mucus, producing inflammation and swelling.  

The main symptoms of acute sinusitis include nasal congestion and facial pain, with feelings of tenderness, and sensations of pressure.  This is sometimes accompanied by fever, headache, loss of smell and taste, and toothache or earache.  Acute sinusitis usually resolves within 10-14 days, but can be very uncomfortable and debilitating.  Homeopathic treatment can boost your own natural healing ability, and will usually resolve the symptoms and help you regain your health more rapidly.  Homeopathy works by matching a medicine to your individual symptoms to stimulate healing.

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis – where the condition is persistent and long term – professional homeopathic care is advisable.  You can get in touch with me here to discuss treatment options.

Below are some of the main homeopathic remedies indicated in acute sinusitis.  Self-treatment can be effective with a well matched remedy choice.  The best potency for home treatment is 30c: try one pill every two hours for 3-4 doses, stop the dose if symptoms improve, and wait.  Repeat the dose if symptoms return.  If there is no improvement after 4 doses, reconsider your remedy choice, or seek professional help.

Kali bich

This remedy is very often needed in the treatment of acute sinusitis.  There is pressure and pain at the root of the nose and in the forehead, and mucus discharge is thick, stringy and yellowish.

Hepar sulph

Hepar sulph is sometimes indicated in acute sinusitis, especially where it comes on after exposure to cold air.  Nasal discharge is thick and yellow, and the nostrils are often sore and inflamed.  There may be an offensive odour from the nose, and the nose and face are sensitive to touch.  If there is a headache, there will often be a pressing, boring pain in the forehead and root of nose.  The scalp is typically sore and sensitive to touch.


This remedy is indicated in acute sinusitis with a frontal headache which is worse in a warm room, and pain at the root of the nose, especially where the nose is stopped up indoors and in the evening, but with yellow mucus discharge in the open air or in the morning.  Symptoms are often accompanied by sneezing.  There may be loss of taste, smell and appetite.  Those needing Pulsatilla often have a dry mouth, but without thirst.


Mercurius is a remedy called for in acute sinusitis with a headache that feels as though there is a tight painful band around the head.  Nasal discharge is thick, greenish and often offensive smelling.  The nostrils are raw and sore, and may ulcerate.  The pains may extend to the ears or teeth.  Those needing Mercurius tend to feel worse for extremes of either warmth or cold.


Belladonna is a well known remedy which is useful in acute sinusitis, where the symptoms have the typical Belladonna character: if there is a headache or pain in the frontal sinuses, it will be throbbing or pulsating, and may be right sided predominantly.  There may be a runny nose from one nostril only.  Symptoms come on suddenly, and are usually worse at night, and also worse for touch, noise or light.  The face is typically flushed.


This remedy has a characteristic dull heavy pressure in the forehead and at the root of the nose.  Stuffed up feeling in nose and frontal sinuses, worse at night and better in the open air.  Constant need to blow nose, but no discharge.  Mucous membranes are dry and painful.  Head colds that dry up quickly, but are followed by sinusitis.

Arum triphyllum

Where Arum triphyllum is needed, the nose feels stuffed up, but with a watery discharge, and there is sneezing which is often worse at night.  Typical of this remedy is a painfully sore, burning sensation in the nostrils, and the person will often have an inclination to pick or bore into the nose with their finger, which often makes the nose bleed.  The face may be flushed, and with a dull aching in the forehead.


Hydrastis is often indicated in acute sinusitis that comes on after a cold.  There is typically a large quantity of thick yellow stringy nasal discharge.  The headache is most often in the forehead above the left eye, with fullness over the eyes and a dull frontal headache.  Nasal discharge flows in the open air, with blocked nose in a warm room.

Photo credit: Sander Sammy on Unsplash