Homeopathy is great for treating coughs. You need to match the exact type of cough you have, including the way it affects you and what aggravates or triggers it, to a homeopathic medicine that matches it precisely.  The remedies can be effective for both adults and children, if the remedy match is correct.  Please see my free e-book ‘My Top Ten Homeopathic Remedies’ for information on dosage and repetition of remedies.  You can download the e-book here.

If you or a family member suffer from repeated respiratory infections, or longer term concerns such as asthma, professional care is advisable to address the deeper chronic problem.  You are welcome to get in touch with me to discuss your individual case.

There are a great many effective homeopathic cough remedies.  Successful treatment depends on how precisely the remedy matches your symptoms, so the more closely you can observe the individual character of the symptoms, the greater the likelihood of rapid improvement.  For home treatment of common ailments I recommend obtaining a homeopathic remedy kit (see those at www.helios.co.uk) and prescribing guide (a good place to start is The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro).

Below are five of the most frequently indicated and effective homeopathic cough remedies.  These are some of the remedies I most often prescribe in practice, depending on the individual cough symptoms presented.


A remedy for the early stages of coughs (and is also commonly prescribed in the early stages of lower respiratory infections such as pneumonia).  Aconite is an important remedy for croup.  The cough is dry and rasping or hoarse with shortness of breath.  Will typically come on or become worse at night and especially around midnight (children will often wake at this time with the cough).  Coughs that come on in dry cold weather, or after becoming cold.  The individual will often be restless and anxious with the cough.


Painful dry coughs that are worse from motion and from deep breathing will often respond to Bryonia.  The person feels they must hold their chest or head when coughing to limit movement.  There may be a tickling in the throat that sets off the cough, and it is also typically aggravated by eating and talking.  There is a great dryness of the mucous membranes, especially dry lips, and with a great thirst for water.  The cough is aggravated by warmth (warm room or weather, for example).  The person will often be irritable with the cough, and wants peace and quiet.


This is one of the main remedies indicated in whooping cough.  It is also frequently prescribed for coughs which are characterised by incessant or violent bouts of coughing which end in retching or vomiting.  The cough is typically aggravated as soon as the individual lies down in bed, and is often worse from midnight through the early hours.  Bouts of coughing may make it difficult to breathe.  The cough may be deep, chesty and painful, forcing her to hold the head or chest when coughing.  It will be better for fresh air and during the day.


Phosphorus will help with dry coughs from tickling in the chest or throat, aggravated by change of temperature (going from a warm room to outdoor cold air, or vice versa).  The cough may be exhausting and violent, with a painful tight chest.  Phosphorus is a frequently indicated remedy in more serious respiratory infections including pneumonia.  The cough is typically accompanied by hoarseness and loss of voice (he may only be able to whisper), and is usually worse for lying on the left side, and better for ice cold drinks, company and reassurance.


Spongia is one of the main remedies for croupy coughs (compare Aconite).  There is great hoarseness and dryness of mouth and throat, such that the throat may feel constricted.  The cough may wake him from sleep with a feeling of suffocation.  The cough is loud, harsh and barking or rasping – it may sound like sawing wood.   This is one of the driest of all cough remedies.  The cough is better for sitting up, and warm food and drink.  It is worse for cold air/cold drinks, and also worse for lying down and talking.

If your cough does not seem to be covered by any of the remedies listed here, there are many other remedies for coughs – please get in touch to discuss.