If you or a member of your family is due to undergo a surgical procedure, it is worth remembering the power of homeopathy to support your recovery.  There are a number of homeopathic remedies which are effective in post-operative recovery.  The right remedy can significantly reduce pain, swelling and bruising, and prevent or heal infection in the wound.

The following five remedies are those recommended as a basic post-operative first aid kit.  Choose the remedy or remedies that most closely correspond to your symptoms, and take a dose periodically until your recovery is well under way.  For further advice and information about how to take the remedies, see my free e-book on first aid prescribing.

Arnica is the first remedy to take in any situation involving physical or emotional trauma.  It can be taken routinely after any surgical procedure (including c-section childbirth) or dental work, and will boost your body’s ability to heal itself.  Arnica has been shown to reduce bruising and swelling and prevent haemorrhage, and will reduce recovery time.

Bellis Perennis will be especially helpful following abdominal, pelvic or breast surgery.  It is also indicated when swelling remains after a course of Arnica.

Calendula is effective in preventing post-operative infection in the surgical wound, and like Arnica can be used routinely.  Calendula also promotes closure of surgical wounds (and because of this it is imperative they are kept scrupulously clean).  In addition, Calendula is helpful in reducing pain in the wound, and will stop bleeding promptly after dental extraction (Arnica will also help here).

Chamomilla is a valuable remedy when there is intense pain after surgery.  It is especially indicated where acute pain makes the individual angry and fretful, and is often accompanied by hot sweat and restlessness.  It is one of our most important remedies for severe toothache, and can be used in dental treatment to reduce pain during a procedure.

Hypericum is also known as the ‘Arnica of the nerves’, and is a very useful remedy in surgical cases where there is acute nerve pain, especially following surgery (or injury) to parts which are rich in sensory nerves, for example, hands and feet, spine, brain or facial surgery.  It will relieve the pain in injuries to the coccyx (eg in childbirth).  It will help in cases where the site of the surgery is acutely sensitive and painful to touch.  Its analgesic (pain relieving) properties also make it invaluable before and after painful dental treatment.  The tincture of Hypericum can be used topically to swab the area when regular injections are required and the site becomes acutely painful.

There are many other remedies that are frequently used and effective in post operative recovery.  Staphysagria is an important remedy which is very helpful for pain following invasive procedures (including colonoscopy or catheterisation), slow healing following deep surgical procedures, and where there is concern about peritonitis following abdominal surgery.  Phosphorus is the main remedy for the bad effects of anaesthesia, with nausea and vomiting, or general difficulty in recovering from anaesthetics.  It can also be useful in excessive bleeding following dental work.  Millefolium (which is in the same botanical family as Arnica) has a special relationship to haemorrhage, and if there has been a previous history of surgical haemorrhage, it can be helpful to take Millefolium before any further procedures (including dental work).

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