I have a particular interest in supporting adolescents, including their physical health and mental and emotional well being.  Here are links to my previous blog posts on puberty and teen mental health.

For some young men, puberty is especially challenging.  It is one of life’s most significant transitions, and the threshold into adulthood can be a time when difficulties arise.  The underlying reasons for this will be unique to each individual.  Homeopathic support includes having a space to talk about what is troubling you, with plenty of time to discuss everything and be heard without judgement.  Remedies are subsequently prescribed which are matched to the whole person – including your physical, mental and emotional experience.  Homeopathic treatment powerfully supports the body and mind, restoring  your health and well being.

Many articles on homeopathic support in puberty give examples of remedies that specifically help young women who are experiencing menstrual difficulties, including my previous blog post on homeopathy for menstrual problems.  There is also homeopathic support available for difficulties arising more specifically for boys and young men during puberty.  I have given some examples below of remedies which can be helpful for boys during puberty, when the whole symptom picture matches.  It is important to seek professional support for your teen, to provide them with the dual support of a space to be heard, and homeopathic remedies to engage the healing process.  The remedies are matched carefully to the individual, so that they may receive the maximum benefit from the treatment.


Rhododendron is a remedy which may be indicated in delayed sexual development in boys, with late onset puberty and testicular problems. Rhododendron has a particular affinity for the genital organs.  For example, it is one of the main remedies indicated in acute testicular inflammation (eg from taking cold).  People for whom this remedy is indicated are typically sensitive to cold weather, and especially to storms.  In some cases the underlying pattern indicating Rhododendron includes a lack of paternal support or appreciation.

Kali brom

Kali brom is one of the main remedies indicated in acne with onset during puberty.  Those for whom Kali brom may be indicated typically encounter emotional conflict as their sexual feelings awaken, with strong feelings of guilt and insecurity.  Kali brom is often helpful in teens who experience depression and guilt alongside skin problems.

Calc phos

Calc phos is a remedy which is frequently indicated in teenagers who grow rapidly tall, depleting their energy reserves.  They can become easily mentally and physically fatigued.  Adolescents who might benefit from Calc phos can become dissatisfied and irritable, struggling with the demands of school work, and dreaming of travel and a change of environment.  

Natrum mur

Natrum mur is often indicated in teenagers who are sensitive and introverted.  The adolescent years can be especially difficult, and they may be highly self conscious, and easily hurt or embarrassed.  Emotional wounds are deep and take a long time to heal.  Teenage boys who might benefit from Natrum mur often develop headaches, and acne which appears on the forehead.  


Sulphur is the best known of the homeopathic ‘skin remedies’, and will significantly help in adolescent skin problems where the whole person picture matches.  The teenager who will benefit from Sulphur is often confident and keen to do well at school.  Problems will arise for him when his pride is hurt.  This might occur, for example, in situations where he feels embarrassed or humiliated.  He likes to create a good impression.  One of the issues which commonly arises is strong body odour, which he may find very embarrassing.

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