Homeopathy provides effective natural first aid for those who work outside in all weathers, including gardeners and farmers.  Below is a selection of the remedies frequently indicated in first aid situations in the garden.  Always use common sense when dealing with first aid situations, and seek medical assistance without delay whenever there is cause for concern.  If you have a remedy kit, remedies can be given on the way to urgent care, when appropriate.


Arnica is the first remedy to think of for falls, blows and bruises.  It will also be useful for bruised or strained muscles after heavy work or overexertion.


Ledum is one of the main remedies for punctured wounds, bites and stings.  The main indication for this remedy is that the affected parts feel cold to touch, and are relieved by external cold applications.


Apis is a useful remedy for bites, stings, and local allergic reactions.  The typical symptoms include marked heat, redness, and rapid swelling.  The area affected is typically highly sensitive to touch and pressure, and is better for cold applications.  

Urtica urens

Urtica urens is made from stinging nettles, and is helpful for urticaria (nettle rash).  It is a useful remedy when working outside, where contact with plant materials results in an itching blotchy rash which stings and burns.


Ruta has a strong relationship to connective tissues, and will be helpful in muscle and joint pain and tendinitis from overexertion.  There is typically bruised soreness in the affected parts, and the limbs may feel weak and lame.

Rhus tox

This remedy should be thought of when heavy work results in pain and stiffness in the extremities, especially after working outdoors in cold or cold and damp conditions.  Joints feel stiff and painful on first movement after resting, but will ease with continued movement.  Rhus tox will also be helpful where contact results in an intensely itchy blistered rash.


Sol (full name Sol britannic or British Sunlight) is a useful remedy for the bad effects of sun exposure.  The symptoms include sun headache, painful eyes from glare, and sunburn.


Belladonna is a well known homeopathic remedy, the main indications of which are sudden violent onset of symptoms, burning heat, redness and swelling.  It is useful for the effects of sun exposure, eg sunburn or sunstroke, and sun headaches, especially where there is right sided frontal pain, with throbbing pain, flushed face, and sensitivity to noise and light.


Silica is the main remedy to think of for removal of thorns, splinters and other foreign bodies, where they are difficult to remove mechanically.  Silica has a strong centrifugal action, and will aid expulsion.


This remedy is used for severe reactions to bee stings, including swelling of face, tongue and throat, urticaria and other symptoms.  If there has been a reaction before it can be used prophylactically or alongside other emergency measures.  NB Never delay seeking emergency treatment under these circumstances.


Gunpowder is a useful remedy for infected wounds and abscesses. It can also be given to promote healing in wounds that are slow to heal.

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