It is normal to feel anxious sometimes.  Anxiety comes from the part of the brain that allows us to react instinctively to threat or danger.  We respond with a ‘fight or flight’ reaction, which allows us to survive in dangerous situations.  For a number of different reasons, some of us find that our brain signals ‘danger’ more often, and in situations which are not truly threatening.  This is where anxiety can build up and become a persistent or unwanted response.

I see many adults who have been struggling to manage anxiety for years, which can manifest in debilitating anxiety attacks, agoraphobia which keeps them isolated in their homes, eating disorders, or obsessive thinking and behaviour, among other things.  Anxiety can affect every aspect of life, and in some cases severely limit your ability to live life creatively and to the full.

In children anxiety can manifest in many ways, including some less obvious ones.  They may develop changes in appetite and eating habits, or difficulty sleeping, tummy aches, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, as well as anger (this is the ‘fight’ part of dealing with a perceived threat or danger – and while it might look like defiance, for example, it may actually be anxiety).  Life changes including moving home or starting school, or unexpected or stressful life events affect each person differently, and for some children such events can produce big emotions that are hard to cope with.

Homeopathy can be very effective in resolving anxiety, even in cases where you have been affected for many years.  It provides a safe and non-judgemental place to talk about your symptoms and the way they affect your life.  Everyone’s experience is different, and feeling heard (often for the first time) is an important part of the healing process.  The homeopathic medicine is chosen to match your individual symptoms, and works from the inside out, addressing the root cause and resolving physical and emotional symptoms.

For acute anxiety (which began recently and with a known cause) homeopathic self-help remedies can be very helpful.  For more long term problems, or where the cause is not clear, professional help is recommended.  Here are some of the main remedies for anxiety which can be self-prescribed where the picture fits:

Aconite is an invaluable remedy for anxiety which is sudden and intense, and is characterised by restlessness and panicky feelings or even terror.  It is the main remedy for acute anxiety when facing a fearful situation, for example, going to the dentist, or getting on a plane when you have a fear of flying.  The person may experience palpitations or numbness, and have a fear of death.

Gelsemium is one of the main remedies for fear in the face of a forthcoming ordeal, such as an exam or interview.  You will benefit from Gelsemium if you have feelings of dread, and feel weak and unable to cope.  There may be trembling and dizziness, with heaviness of the limbs.  Gelsemium is also the main remedy for diarrhoea before important events, due to anxiety.

Argentum nitricum is a useful remedy which is indicated for stage fright (or performance anxiety) where the symptoms fit.  Those who would benefit from Arg nit tend to be nervous, apprehensive and hurried.  They may be jittery and clock-watching in anticipation.  It is a useful remedy for loss of voice from nervous excitement, and is one of the main remedies for laryngitis in singers and performers.

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, get in touch to talk about how I can help you.