Ankle injuries are a fairly common exercise or sports injury.  Homeopathy can reduce pain, and support your body’s healing process to promote a swift recovery – in sprains, fractures, tendinitis, and ruptures of the Achilles tendon.

Homeopathy can help significantly in your healing from an ankle injury: it is useful in managing pain, reducing inflammation, and cutting down recovery time.  Many of those who use homeopathy in sports injuries report that it helps them emotionally too, in dealing with the initial shock, and supporting them to have a more positive attitude to their recovery.

In almost every case of physical injury or trauma, it is going to be helpful to commence the treatment with homeopathic Arnica, taken internally in a 30c potency.  As a general rule, Arnica 30c can be taken three times daily for the first two days.  

According to Emlyn Thomas RSHom: “The body’s natural reaction to a sprain or strain is to produce splinting, or spasm in the local tendons, and swelling in the area.  These immobilise the injured joint, and protect it from further damage.  Swelling is the result of extravasation and inflammation, and inflammation is essential for healing.  Too much inflammation produces too much swelling, which is counterproductive because it delays recovery.  Arnica tends to restrict the body’s reaction to almost exactly what is needed for speedy recovery.”  Homeopathic treatment in injuries supports the natural healing process, optimising the body’s response to the trauma.

Arnica is the best place to start following an ankle injury, and corresponds to the shock, pain and swelling following ankle injuries of all types, including sprain, fracture, or tendon injury.  It can be given right away alongside practical measures including RICE.

Ruta (also referred to as Ruta grav) is the second most likely remedy needed in cases of ankle injury such as sprain, strain or ligament or tendon damage.  The remedy has a particular affinity for tendons and ligaments, and corresponds to injuries from exertion or overuse.  The ankle will feel weak and bruised, and the pain is sore and aching, better for warmth and worse on first movement.

Bellis perennis is a remedy that can be helpful in ankle injuries when swelling remains after treatment with Arnica.  There is typically a deep bruised pain in the affected ankle, and the ankle feels as if it has a tight elastic band around the joint.

Rhus tox may be called for in ankle injuries from strain or overuse.  There may be tearing pains in tendons and ligaments, and the area feels better for warm bathing.  The person is restless with the pain, and continued movement eases it, although the pain is worse on first movement.

Bryonia is a useful remedy in injuries of the ankle, including sprains, strains, tendon/ligament injuries and fractures.  The key indication for the use of Bryonia is pain on even the slightest movement.  Because of this, the person will want to attempt to immobilise the affected area, and firm pressure relieves the pain.

Symphytum is a good support remedy in fracture healing.  A daily dose of 30c will optimise the body’s healing ability in this situation, especially if there is a tendency to slow healing or complications following fractures in the past.  Give only once the bone has been set.

Causticum is another remedy which has an affinity for the tendons.  In an ankle injury, there is typically burning or tearing pain in the joint, and the tendons feel tight, as if contracted, with paralysis and loss of movement in the joint.  The ankle feels weak and heavy.

Strontium carb is a useful remedy in ankle sprains.  The pain is typically gnawing, deep in the bones, and there will be puffy swelling and weakness of the ankle.  The swelling may continue to recur long after the injury, and Strontium carb is one of the remedies which may be needed in the chronic long term effects of ankle sprains.

Professional treatment is advisable if you suffer from weak ankles, a tendency to repeated injuries, or stubborn injuries that never seem to fully heal.  Homeopathy can also be effective in treating chronic connective tissue conditions including rheumatoid arthritis.

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