The skin is the body’s largest organ, and has many functions, including protection, temperature regulation and synthesis of vitamin D.  Skin problems are common, and one of the most frequent referrals for homeopathic treatment.  Common skin conditions for which people seek treatment are: eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, impetigo, cold sores, shingles, warts and verrucas.  I see more people with atopic eczema (the most common form of eczema) than any other health problem, and in many cases homeopathy can significantly reduce or resolve the symptoms completely.

Healing takes place centrifugally – from within outwards.  Homeopathy provides an effective means to do this by treating skin symptoms in context of the whole person and addressing the root cause of the problem.  Topical treatments for eczema may provide a quick fix but are ‘outside in’ solutions: the skin symptoms may disappear, but the underlying cause is not taken care of.  Left unresolved, this will tend to manifest in further problems in due course.

When skin symptoms are treated homeopathically, genuine healing can take place and overall health improvements are generally experienced.  Stronger vitality means reduced susceptibility to future health problems.

Chronic long term skin conditions need to be matched carefully to a homeopathic remedy that matches the whole symptom picture, and professional treatment is recommended.  Below are some examples of the most commonly prescribed remedies in eczema.  

Sulphur: the best known ‘skin remedy’.  This remedy will act at least partially in many skin complaints, but needs to be a precise match to the whole symptom picture to cure.   There is itching with burning, which is worse at night and worse for warmth and bathing, and also worse from wool.  The person is compelled to scratch until the skin is raw.  The person is typically warm blooded, often with especially warm feet which they stick out of bed, or prefer to go barefoot.

Arsenicum: the skin symptoms are in some ways similar to Sulphur, with characteristic burning after scratching, aggravation at night, and intense itching such that the person must scratch until the area is raw or bleeding.  However the other factors and general symptoms are quite different: the itching is better for warmth, and the individual is generally very much better for warmth too.  They tend to be chilly, anxious and restless.

Petroleum: this is a homeopathic remedy which is used mainly for skin conditions (although it is also a very useful remedy for travel sickness).  It can be very helpful in some severe cases of eczema, where the picture fits.  Eczema cases which respond to Petroleum are noticeably worse in winter, and the skin can become rough, hard and extremely dry, with deep bloody cracks.  The eruptions are most typically found on the hands and face, and in areas where there are folds of skin (for example in the bends of elbows).  The itching is worse at night, and also in cold open air, and is better for warmth.  There is burning and smarting with the itch.

If you would like to try a homeopathic approach to resolving your eczema, get in touch with me here to discuss how I can help.