There are many different types of knee injury, including ligament injuries (collateral or cruciate), cartilage injuries (commonly a meniscus tear), and damage to the tendons in your knee.  Knee fractures can also occur, the most common being a kneecap or patella fracture.   

Causes can be traumatic (eg from a blow or fall, for example in contact sports, or in an accident), or from overuse (eg from walking, running or dancing).  Diagnosis is generally by examination, X-ray or scan, and sometimes a knee arthroscopy to check for ligament or tendon damage.  

Homeopathy can be a very effective part of your treatment and recovery plan.  It can help with pain management, reduces recovery time, and promotes healing in torn and damaged connective tissues.  Homeopathic treatment is guided by how the injury occurred, and factors including the type of pain sensation, its exact location, and when the pain is worse.  Bear in mind that homeopathy can also be very helpful in healing from knee surgery.

Below are eight of the most commonly indicated remedies in knee injuries.  Self selection of remedies can be effective in straightforward cases, but where injuries are more serious or complex, or where there is a chronic tendency to injury, or recovery is slow, professional care is advisable.

Arnica is the remedy to take immediately after the injury.  It will address the physical trauma, reducing swelling and bruising, and easing pain.  Take one dose of Arnica 30c, and repeat hourly for three further doses in the first instance.

Bryonia is frequently used in the treatment of knee injuries.  Its key indication is intense pain on the slightest movement, including attempting to change position in bed.  Tight bandaging or firm pressure will tend to relieve the pain, as this immobilises the knee to some extent.  The person will want to lie still, and the knee typically feels unstable and weak.  Alongside Arnica, Bryonia is the main remedy to think of in painful knee injuries including fractures, where the symptom picture matches.

Ruta is used in weakness and instability of the knee which comes on from overuse.  There may be stiffness and a bruised sensation, and the knee is better for warmth and massage.  Ruta has a strong affinity for tendons and ligaments, and is used frequently in the treatment of tendinitis and ligament injuries.

Nitric acid is called for in knee injury where the pain is notably sharp, like a splinter.  Typically the pain is felt in the kneecap, and makes walking difficult.  The pain is worse for cold, and also worse if the affected knee is touched.

Calc fluor can be helpful for the long term effects of a knee injury, and in particular with long lasting pain in the medial ligament (perhaps associated with calcification).  It should also be thought of where there is a repeated tendency to medial ligament sprains.  Calc fluor is also one of Schuessler’s twelve tissue salts, and can be taken in this form as a tonic to improve tone in muscles and ligaments.

Symphytum can be taken routinely after knee fractures, and ligament and cartilage tears, to promote union of bone and connective tissues.  It is especially useful in slow healing fractures, and also where there are stitching pains at the point of the fracture.

Rhus tox is helpful in injuries (especially overuse related), where the symptoms are stiffness and pain which are worse after rest and on beginning movement (eg rising from a seat), and which improve with continued movement.  The pain may be especially noticeable at night, with difficulty finding a comfortable position to sleep.  The knee will feel worse for cold damp conditions, and better for warm bathing and warm wraps.

Strontium carb is a remedy known to have a special affinity for the ankles, but it is also indicated in knee sprains (pulled or stretched ligament), especially of the left side.  It is particularly helpful where there is weakness and instability following repeated knee injuries.

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