Perimenopause (meaning ‘around menopause’) describes the transition into menopause, which women naturally experience from their mid 40’s onwards, with some women beginning the transition a little earlier than this.  

In the transition to menopause the ovaries begin to gradually down-regulate their function, and oestrogen levels fluctuate and become more unstable.  This transitional phase continues until you have not had a period for 12 months, after which you are considered to be in menopause, a new life stage after your menstrual and reproductive life has ended.

While some women navigate the transition with few uncomfortable physical, mental or emotional symptoms, others will experience profound disruption.  There are many contributing factors, including individual susceptibility and family history, stress, smoking and obesity.

Typical symptoms can include the following: irregular periods and heavier flow; hot flushes; hormonal headaches or migraines; insomnia; problems with memory and concentration; loss of libido and vaginal dryness; mood swings and anxiety; heartburn; joint pains; bladder problems and palpitations.  

Your perimenopausal journey will be unique to you, and homeopathy can be an excellent support throughout the transition to menopause.   Homeopathic treatment supports you in various ways – through whole person remedy matching, which engages your ability to heal and restore at the deepest level, and endocrine specific remedies that provide support where it is most needed.

Here are some of the many possible remedies I might prescribe for you, depending on your unique experience of perimenopause and your prior health history:


Pulsatilla is a remedy frequently used in cases of endocrine disruption in women.  It is particularly indicated in perimenopause where there are strongly marked mood swings, and temperature dysregulation, especially where she is aggravated by being in warm stuffy environments.  Digestive disturbances are also common, with heartburn and nausea often experienced.


Sepia is a well known and frequently prescribed remedy for hormonal fluctuations, especially in perimenopause.  It is particularly indicated in hot flushes with rising heat, and where there is brain fog accompanied by irritability, aversion to sex, and vaginal dryness.  


Oophorinum is a remedy associated with the ovaries, known as a homeopathic sarcode.  It is highlighted in perimenopause as one of the main remedies for acne rosacea.  


Sabina is a remedy with a strong hormonal focus, and is especially indicated as one of the main remedies for menstrual flooding in perimenopause.


Aristolochia is a remedy with a strongly hormonal focus, and has a wide range of indications.  In perimenopause it is especially marked in cases where the woman has had side effects from taking hormonal contraceptives, and it is also one of the main remedies for hormonal arthritis. 


Glonoinum is a remedy which is used in perimenopause, with a particular focus on hot flushes.  Where this remedy is indicated there is typically very intense heat, with throbbing and sensations of fullness in the head.  It is also a remedy frequently prescribed for hormonal migraines.

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