Painful and heavy periods, as well as irregular bleeding and pre menstrual syndrome (PMS) are among the most common complaints for which I see women for homeopathic treatment.  Each woman’s experience is different, but most find that homeopathy provides relief – reducing pain and emotional extremes, and restoring their natural cycle.  

Because your menstrual cycle is deeply connected to your overall health and sense of well being, constitutional treatment with an experienced homeopath is recommended, and especially so if your period is attended by intense pain and cramps, excessively heavy bleeding, fainting, headaches and mood swings (including depression), among other symptoms.  You are welcome to get in touch with me here to talk about how I can help you.

Below are seven remedies which are commonly used to treat period pains, and attendant menstrual symptoms.  Self treatment is a good option if you are otherwise healthy and do not have significant or debilitating menstrual symptoms, and the problem is mostly physical and occasional or mild.  If one of these remedies matches your symptoms well, you should in most cases experience some relief.

Mag phos – this is my number one remedy for painful periods.  If the pain is better for heat (eg a hot water bottle or hot bath), and also for firm abdominal pressure and doubling up, then Mag phos will very likely help.  The pain and cramping may start before the period, and ease a little when the flow starts.

Chamomilla – if the period pain is extremely intense and distressing, with great irritability, then Chamomilla will usually provide relief.  In addition, Chamomilla is one of the main remedies for vomiting, diarrhoea and fainting during the period.  The pain may extend down the thighs.  One of the main indications for this remedy in menstrual problems is the excessive pain with irritability – the intensity of it makes them bad tempered and snappish.  

Nux vomica – this remedy will provide relief in cases where the emphasis is on painful cramps.  The cramps may be intense and spread to the rest of the body.  Symptoms are typically better after a bowel movement, and worse for pressure (in contrast to Mag phos), and better for loosening clothing across the abdomen.  They are also worse for drinking coffee and alcohol.  They are prone to mood swings before and during the period, and may be angry and impatient.  

Belladonna – this remedy is useful where the period pains are throbbing in character, and come on suddenly and violently.  There is often a marked feeling of fullness and pulsation in the region of the uterus, and the symptoms may be worse on the right side.  They feel better for bed rest.

Pulsatilla – this remedy will provide relief in cases where the emphasis is on changeability.  Pulsatilla is very helpful in mood swings before and during the period, with weepiness or irritability.  Period pains may cause weeping or fainting.  There is a tendency to flushing, and they feel better for cool fresh air.  There may also be headaches before or during the period, which are also better for cool air or cold applications.

Colocynthis – in this remedy there is intense cramping pain which is ameliorated by bending double (or drawing knees up to chest), or by very firm pressure (eg leaning over a hard chair).  The pressure of lying flat on the abdomen also provides some relief.  The pain is sudden and violent, and may cause screaming or vomiting from the intensity of it.  

Viburnum – this remedy has a marked affinity for the female pelvic organs, and is known by herbalists as cramp bark.  Where this remedy is indicated, the cramping pain is typically felt in the small of the back and in the thighs, as well as the abdomen.  It is worse before and at the beginning of the period, and eases as the flow increases.  Pains are felt intensely, and are worse from lying on the left side, and are accompanied by restlessness and irritability.

There are a great many different homeopathic remedies for menstrual problems, and the effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on the accuracy of the remedy match to your symptoms.  If you don’t recognise your symptoms in one of the above remedies, or if your menstrual symptoms are severe or long standing, constitutional treatment is advisable.  Get in touch with me here if you would like to discuss working with me.