Following on from my recent blog post on Teen Mental Health and Well Being with Homeopathy, I want to look at how homeopathy can help during puberty.  Alongside the unprecedented re-wiring going on in the teenage brain, puberty brings specific hormonal changes that result in increased levels of testosterone in boys, and progesterone/oestrogen in girls.  As a result the bodily changes we recognise as puberty begin: boys’ voices break, and they develop body and facial hair; girls develop breasts and body hair, and menstruation commences.  

This is a time when an individual’s susceptibilities may surface.  Some girls experience early menstrual problems, with painful and irregular periods, or mood swings and low mood which changes cyclically according to their menstrual cycle.  Surging hormones can also typically affect the skin, and skin conditions may surface at this time, particularly acne associated with increased hormones (more often in boys, but girls get acne too), or eczema and psoriasis with exam study and other stressors. 

Homeopathy can provide an effective solution for problems that surface during puberty.  Remedies are chosen that match the experience of each individual teen, and allows their body to re-establish equilibrium naturally, so that they are able to adapt to the changes occurring in their bodies and minds in an appropriate, steady and timely way.

Professional support is important in these cases, and seeing a homeopath also gives the individual teenager a space to talk about what is important to them, and to be heard.  The teen years can be both an exciting and an anxious time of change, and having somewhere to talk about their experience is a valuable part of the healing process.

Below are a small selection of the many homeopathic remedies I might prescribe for one of my teenage patients.  They are matched carefully to the individual, so that they may receive the maximum benefit from the treatment.

Chamomilla is a remedy more often thought of for teething pain in infants, however it is also one of the main remedies used for very painful periods.  This remedy may be needed where the pains are severe, and extending to the thighs, and may be accompanied by fainting or vomiting.  Chamomilla is also among the remedies prescribed for premenstrual mood swings, especially where anger is very marked.

Pulsatilla is one of the main remedies prescribed for acne in puberty, as well as period problems including irregular and changeable periods.  Those who benefit from Pulsatilla tend to flush easily, and feel worse in warm stuffy environments.  They are easily moved to tears, and crave closeness with others.  

Cyclamen is a remedy frequently prescribed for heavy, painful and irregular periods, and has a particular focus on puberty.  Those needing Cyclamen may experience very intense labour-like period pains, and typically they may experience migraines with visual disturbance and dizziness before and during menses.  There may be depression, with a feeling as if she has done something wrong, and that people are against her.

Calc phos is another remedy often prescribed in adolescence.  Those needing it may have grown tall very rapidly, and may be easily fatigued and become listless.  It is one of the main remedies for growing pains in childhood and adolescence.  Girls who respond well to Calc phos tend to experience headaches pre-menstrually, and  they feel tremulous and weak during their period.

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