Homeopathy can provide rapid relief from the bites and stings of insects.  Each person may react differently, and it is important to select the best remedy match for your symptoms, including the objective appearance and the subjective sensation of the sting.

These are some of the main remedies which may be indicated.  

Apis – is made from honey bee, and is the first remedy to think of in insect bites and stings with marked redness and rapid swelling.  If the swelling is a cause for concern, Apis may be given on the way to seeking urgent medical assistance.  The area affected is typically highly sensitive to touch and pressure, and is better for cold applications.  

Ledum – is the other main remedy, and is more often indicated in stings and bites that are painful, but without marked swelling.  The area may sting and throb, and may appear mottled and cold to the touch.  I have found this remedy to be helpful in almost every case of wasp sting I have encountered.

Staphysagria – is a remedy often helpful for those who are especially susceptible to insect bites and stings.  They often seem to be stung more than those around them.  The area affected is highly sensitive to touch with intense itching.  The person affected in this way will often feel tormented by the bites and the itching.  

Caladium – this remedy is made from a variety of Arum, and is a less well known homeopathic remedy.  However it is highly effective in cases where the stings or bites produce intense and violent itching and burning.

Lachesis – this remedy is indicated in stings or bites where there is painful swelling and a marked bluish or purplish discolouration.

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