Group A Streptococcus bacteria are associated with a range of illnesses including impetigo, scarlet fever and strep throat.  Infections generally occur in children, though occasionally also in adults.  In most cases symptoms are mild and short lived.  In rare cases, the infection enters the bloodstream (known as Invasive Group A Strep), resulting in more serious illness.

The bacteria can be found in the throat and on the skin, even in individuals who are not unwell.  Problems can occur when the immune system is weakened, making the individual more vulnerable.  In this situation, infection can be passed on by coughs, sneezes or via broken skin.

Typical symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Aching muscles
  • Sore throat
  • Red, swollen tongue (sometimes called ‘strawberry tongue’ due to its bumpy red appearance)
  • Rough itchy rash on the skin
  • Nausea and vomiting

The usual medical approach to Group A Strep infections is with a course of antibiotics.  If you are concerned about the symptoms of a family member, consult your medical practitioner for advice.

Homeopathy can be a highly effective support in acute illness, and has a successful track record in epidemics, including scarlet fever: for example, Dr Hahnemann achieved fame in 1799 for his highly effective treatment of a scarlet fever epidemic that was sweeping across Germany.

The advantage of using homeopathy as part of your family treatment plan for scarlet fever (and other Group A strep infections) is that it boosts the body’s natural defences, allowing the body to mount a swift response to the infection, reducing symptoms and restoring health and resilience.

Homeopathy works by matching the symptoms you are experiencing to a specific homeopathic remedy.  Here are some of those typically indicated in strep throat and scarlet fever.


Throat swollen and fiery red, tonsils may be swollen and ulcerated.  The throat feels constricted, with stinging burning pain.  There is typically a sensation as of a foreign body (eg fishbone) in throat.  The tongue is red, shiny and swollen, with a burning sensation, as if scalded.  The symptoms feel better for cold drinks.


Burning heat, redness and swelling of throat.  Constant desire to swallow, with constricted sensation.  Dryness of throat.  Symptoms are typically right sided.  The tonsils are dark red, swollen and ulcerated.  The face may be flushed and hot.


Symptoms begin on the left side of the throat, and extend to the right side.  Throat feel swollen, with a sensation of a lump, or of a foreign body that needs to be swallowed.  The throat may be dark red or purple.  The neck and external throat are characteristically sensitive to touch (even of clothing), and throat pain often extends to the ear.  Hot drinks aggravate the symptoms, and they feel worse after sleep.  The tongue is often swollen, red and dry.

Merc Sol

Throat feel sore, raw and burning.  There may be a bluish red swelling, with painful dryness of the throat.  The tongue feels as if burnt.  Increased salivation, and constant desire to swallow.  Offensive or metallic taste and odour. Stitching pain in ears on swallowing.  


Dark red or bluish red swelling of throat, with white spots at back of throat.  Sensation of dryness in throat with swollen tonsils.  Lump in throat on swallowing, worse for hot drinks.  Tongue blistered, with red tip.  

Finally, two remedies which are sometimes used in the professional treatment of scarlet fever: 

Asimina triloba

This remedy is sometimes prescribed as a specific for scarlet fever.  It bears some similarities to Belladonna.  The symptoms are: sore throat with marked redness and swelling, fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, bright red rash.  There is often hoarseness, with a desire for cold drinks.

Merc iodatus ruber

This remedy is a Mercury compound which is used in the treatment of scarlet fever.  The symptoms which call for it include: redness, swelling and ulceration of the tonsils and back of the throat, with a sensation as if the throat is scalded.  Pain on swallowing.  Symptoms are more characteristically left sided.

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