Homeopathic treatment can be highly effective for a wide range of eye complaints.  This can include long term chronic conditions, as well as first aid and emergency treatment.

There are several important first aid remedies for the eyes.  Arnica is indicated in all forms of traumatic injury, and will be the first remedy to take in this situation.  Consider also the remedy Aconite, which is referred to by some as the “Arnica of the eyes” and will be especially helpful where the pain of the injury is extreme and unbearable, with light sensitivity (photophobia), and watering of the eyes. In any injuries where there is pain felt in the eyeball itself, Symphytum will be helpful.  Where injury is caused by a foreign body in the eye, the remedy Coccus cacti is indicated, and will usually relieve the pain quickly.

Lacerations to the eye will respond to the remedy Asarum europaeum, which is also helpful in post operative healing of the eyes where the site is very painful.

Serious injury to the eye can sometimes result in ulceration, cataract or glaucoma.  This situation would of course require professional homeopathic treatment, and among the remedies indicated could be Senega officinalis, Cineraria maritima, Physostigma and Asarum.

Euphrasia officinalis is an important remedy for injuries and complaints of the eyes, and has also long been known as Eyebright.  In either diluted tincture or potentised (tablet) form it is helpful in eye injuries, conjunctivitis, dryness of eyes, post-op healing and hay fever where the eyes are mainly affected.

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