With the Christmas / midwinter holiday season coming up, alongside the pleasure of spending time with loved ones, there can be a great deal of additional pressure and stress for some.  The consequent emotional and physical symptoms can usually be eased with homeopathy.  Here are some of the situations that can arise, and the remedies to consider having on hand.

Fears and anxieties

Arg nitthis remedy will help ease anxiety in those who tend to anticipate a big event with great apprehension: how will it all work out?  Will I remember everything?  They feel hurried and irritable, with restless, sleepless nights.

Ars alb will be helpful for those who like to be in control of the situation, and feel anxious and restless when they are not.  They can become fussy, nit picking and critical. Those who might benefit from Ars alb also tend to worry about their health, and can become fearful for their own welfare and security.

Aconite this remedy is useful for those who become panicky in stressful situations: it comes on suddenly, perhaps in a crowded room or where there is a lot of emotional excitement or family discord.  They feel agitated and restless, perhaps with tingling sensations and palpitations.

Sleep problems

Coffea this is a helpful remedy for sleeplessness from overexcitement (Christmas Eve, for example), or from not being able to stop thinking about the ‘to do’ list.

Kali phos will often help in situations where total nervous exhaustion results in difficulty sleeping, for example, after periods of excessive work and anxiety, or after a long period of worry about their loved ones.

Passiflora/Avena/Valerianthis is a combination remedy which helps greatly in general insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns after a period of overwork or anxiety.  It will ease the nervous system and help in re-establishing a regular sleep pattern.

Relationship conflicts

Staphysagriathis remedy is indicated in situations where pent up emotions affect the person greatly, sometimes producing physical symptoms.  Family resentments and old conflicts can resurface at holiday time, and this remedy can be useful for those who feel aggrieved – taken advantage of, invaded, or abused.  It can help you to express your feelings, set boundaries, and process emotions.  The held in emotions – perhaps anger, resentment or humiliation – can also be associated with headaches, or urinary tract infections, where this remedy is a match.

Ignatiais a remedy that may be helpful if feelings of grief and disappointment surface at this time.  The person may attempt to hold their feelings in, but they will typically come out in sighing, sudden emotional outbursts, or a feeling of a lump in the throat.

Grief and loss

IgnatiaChristmas time can be especially difficult for those who have lost a loved one.  Ignatia is the first remedy to think of if acute feelings of grief arise at this time.  

Phos ac this remedy can also be helpful here, and will be especially useful where the person feels worn down by their loss, which may be accompanied by loss of appetite and exhaustion.

Digestive upsets

Nux vomica this is the first remedy to think of after overindulgence – including alcohol, coffee or rich food.  The person will be irritable, with nausea, indigestion, and headaches, worse in the early morning or from activity.  The homeopathic hangover remedy – where the picture matches!  Don’t forget to increase fluids, and  vitamins B&C.

Ars alb –a useful remedy in cases of suspected food poisoning or stomach upsets.  Diarrhoea and vomiting may be accompanied by burning pain in the stomach and abdomen, and the person is typically chilly and anxious.

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