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Natural Help for Chickenpox

Supporting the Fever Process

Remedies for Acute Viral Illness

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Nine Homeopathic Remedies for Flu

Homeopathy has proved itself highly effective in treating influenza, and other flu-like acute respiratory illnesses.  It has been used in treating epidemic disease for centuries, with impressive and well documented results - see my previous...

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Homeopathy for Puberty Problems

Following on from my recent blog post on Teen Mental Health and Well Being with Homeopathy, I want to look at how homeopathy can help during puberty.  Alongside the unprecedented re-wiring going on in the teenage brain, puberty brings specific...

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Seven Remedies for Shoulder Injury

Acute shoulder pain is a fairly common condition.  Initial diagnosis can be helpful, as pain can also be referred from the upper spine and neck.  You may choose to see your GP, or visit an osteopath, for example.  Homeopathy can be a...

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