An acute sore throat can come with a range of symptoms, from soreness and irritation, to swelling, burning and difficulty swallowing.  You may also have a fever, and sometimes throat infections are accompanied by pain in the ears, headache and fatigue.  Acute throat infections are considered to be either viral or bacterial (Strep throat), and in either case the conventional treatment is typically with antibiotics.

If you have symptoms of an acute sore throat, with or without swollen tonsils, homeopathy can help.  Homeopathic treatment works with your body, leading to prompt recovery and quickly reducing pain and discomfort.  

As always, the proviso with home treatment is this: if symptoms persist, or there is any cause for concern (if you are very unwell, or there is difficulty with breathing or swallowing, for example), seek medical help without delay.

If you have a tendency to repeated throat infections, this is a sign that your body is working hard to restore and maintain good health, but is struggling.  Professional homeopathic care can powerfully assist your body’s own defences, increasing resilience and breaking the cycle of repeated infections.  If you want to discuss this further, you can book a free 30 minute discovery call with me here:

I have described below seven of the remedies which are most often called for in the treatment of acute sore throat and tonsillitis.  The one which will engage your body’s healing process is the one that most closely matches your own symptoms.  I have also written a blog post on the homeopathic treatment of Scarlet Fever and Strep throat. You will notice that some of the remedies listed are the same – this is because the homeopathic medicine is the one that matches your individual experience of the symptoms, rather than the diagnosis.

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Aconite is helpful in the early stages of acute infection.  Take this remedy at the first sign of a sore throat, especially after exposure to cold temperatures or cold wind.  Symptoms are often generalised at this stage, with a dry scratchy throat, redness and a stinging, burning sensation.


Apis is a useful remedy in tonsillitis where the whole area is fiery red and swollen, typically with a shiny appearance. The tonsils may be markedly swollen, with ulceration.  There is a stinging, burning pain, and the throat feels constricted. Swallowing is difficult, with a sensation as if there is a foreign body in the throat.  The person is often not especially thirsty, but symptoms are relieved by cold drinks or ice cubes.

Arsenicum album

This remedy is indicated in sore throats where the throat feels constricted, with a burning sensation on attempting to swallow, often accompanied by nausea.  The key things that distinguish this remedy from others in acute sore throat, is that symptoms are relieved by warmth (warm food or drinks, or warm wraps), and the person is typically very thirsty, wanting frequent small sips.


Belladonna is often indicated in acute throat infections, where the symptom picture matches.  The key features that indicate Belladonna are sudden onset of symptoms, often with a high fever; markedly bright red and swollen throat and tonsils; raw burning sensation in the throat. There is also a very typical feeling of constriction, with difficulty swallowing, which is accompanied by a constant desire to swallow.  Symptoms are sometimes worse on the right side.  The head feels hot, and the face is typically flushed.  The person is usually very thirsty for cold water or lemon drinks.  

Hepar sulph

Hepar sulph is a useful remedy in sore throat and tonsillitis where the person feels as if there is a splinter or fishbone stuck in the throat.  The tonsils may be swollen, and the throat feels constricted.  Where Hepar sulph is a match there is a very typical sharp, stitching, splinter-like pain in the throat (some describe the pain as being like swallowing broken glass), which often radiates to the ears on swallowing.  The throat is sensitive to touch and cold, and Hepar sulph is often needed in sore throats that come on after exposure to cold temperatures.  The symptoms are often temporarily relieved by hot drinks.


Lachesis is a remedy which has a strong left sided bias, so it is a remedy often indicated in left sided sore throats.  There is dryness and constriction in the throat with a desire to swallow.  There is a typical and persistent sensation of a lump or obstruction in the throat which must be swallowed, aggravated by swallowing liquids, but eased on swallowing solids.  The affected area will often be dark red or purplish in appearance.  The external throat is highly sensitive to touch or even the slightest pressure, and the person will avoid the contact of clothes or bedcovers.

Merc Sol

Merc Sol is often called for in acute sore throats and tonsillitis.  The throat feels burning and raw, and there may be a sensation of tightness, and of a foreign body in the throat, on swallowing.  The throat may have a bluish red and swollen appearance.  There is typically a painful dryness of the throat, with a constant desire to swallow.  Throat symptoms are accompanied by a marked increase in salivation, and Merc sol is often indicated where there is ulceration of the throat.  There is also a typical offensive or metallic taste and odour in the mouth.

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