Acute shoulder pain is a fairly common condition.  Initial diagnosis can be helpful, as pain can also be referred from the upper spine and neck.  You may choose to see your GP, or visit an osteopath, for example.  Homeopathy can be a very helpful healing modality in this situation, and the right remedy will quickly reduce pain and help to improve mobility.  Homeopathic treatment is also helpful after surgery, and well worth including in your post-operative recovery plan.  As well as reducing swelling, bruising and pain, it can accelerate healing, and give you a more positive attitude to your rehabilitation.

Homeopathy should also be considered if you are dealing with the long term after effects of an injury, or are typically injury prone.  This indicates a susceptibility which more in depth professional treatment can usually address.

Below are some of the homeopathic remedies that can be used in the treatment of acute shoulder pain.  Professional support is recommended in more serious injuries, or where recovery is likely to be slow.

Arnica is the first line treatment for physical trauma, and will also address the psychological effects of recent injuries.  Arnica will reduce the bruising, swelling and pain associated with most traumatic injuries, and is the first remedy to think of in this situation.

Bryonia is a very useful remedy for any acute injury which is painful for the slightest movement.  This is often true of shoulder injuries, and the pain will be worse on doing anything that causes motion, including deep breathing, coughing or turning over in bed.  The whole arm and shoulder may feel weak, and raising the arm is intensely painful.  The pain will be helped by firm, immobilising pressure, or lying on the painful shoulder (thus preventing movement).

Chelidonium can look similar to Bryonia in shoulder pain.  There is stiffness, muscle spasm and pain on movement, especially abduction of the shoulder, which is intensely painful.  The pain is typically worse for touch, warmth, and around 4am.  The problem is more typically right sided, though bear in mind this is more common if the individual is right handed and thus would be using this side more.

Ferrum met is another remedy that can be useful in acute shoulder pain.  The affected shoulder feels bruised to the touch, with creaking in the shoulder joint, and tearing pain into the upper arm.  The person will feel better for being occupied.  This remedy is also more often right sided (see Chelidonium above).

Rhus tox is a well known remedy for injuries resulting from exertion or overuse.  it is indicated where there is stiffness and pain, especially where the pain is worse on first movement, but eases up with continued use.  The affected shoulder typically feels worse for rest, particularly when lying in bed at night, and worse in cold damp weather.

Ruta grav has a strong affinity for tendons and ligaments, and will be useful in tendinitis of the shoulder.  There is typically a wrenching pain in the affected shoulder, and this is worse when the arm is unsupported.  The shoulder will feel weak and bruised, and feels better for warmth.  The person finds it difficult to get comfortable in bed.

Sanguinaria is used in acute shoulder pain where the pain is localised in the right deltoid, with sharp stabbing pains which are worse on raising the arm.  The pain is worse at night, especially when turning over in bed.  The affected shoulder often feels burning hot.

If you are into sports but find you are plagued by injuries, or have an old injury from which you have not yet fully recovered, homeopathy can make all the difference, getting you back in the game more quickly.  Get in touch with me here for a free chat to discuss treatment options.  

Image by Оля Хмелюк from Pixabay