Carpal tunnel syndrome (or CTS) is a condition in which the median nerve in your wrist is compressed, causing numbness, tingling and pain.  In addition, you may also experience burning in fingers, stiffness, cramping and weakness.  

Women are more commonly affected, and it can be associated with repetitive work using the wrist (such as computer work, or activity in the home or workplace involving repeated gripping and vibration), as this can cause swelling of tendons and ligaments which can cause compression of the nerve.  However, inherited susceptibility is a common factor, and in those who are susceptible no such history of repetitive work need be present for the condition to appear.  It can also be associated with any chronic health problem that can produce pressure on the median nerve, and this includes arthritis, diabetes and thyroid conditions.  It may also occur in pregnancy, and fluid retention can be a trigger in susceptible women.

In homeopathy we consider the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in context of the whole person.  A homeopathic remedy is chosen to match the way the person experiences their CTS symptoms, within the bigger picture of their state of health and personal circumstances.  This stimulates healing from the inside out, promoting better health and vitality as well as addressing the main problem.

There are very many possible homeopathic remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome, and professional treatment is recommended.  Below are some of the remedies most frequently prescribed.

Ruta – this remedy is useful in cases where strain from overuse is a factor, or where a fracture or other injury is involved.  Ruta has a strong affinity for tendons and ligaments.  There is a sprained feeling, with stiffness of the wrist, and numbness and tingling after any exertion.  Warmth will ease the symptoms (also in Rhus tox cases).

Rhus tox – is also typically associated with CTS from overuse injury.  Where Rhus tox is helpful the wrist is most painful on beginning to move, and improves with continued movement.  There is stiffness, with a desire to move and stretch the wrist and hand.  Cold and damp conditions aggravate the symptoms (also in Ruta cases).

Calc phos – this remedy is very useful in carpal tunnel syndrome which is characterised by soreness and aching in the wrist which is aggravated by cold damp weather (especially icy, snowy conditions).  The wrist feels weak and lame.

Kali carb – is frequently indicated in CTS, and typically there are burning pains in the fingers, and stitching and tearing pains in the joints and tendons.  The affected arm may jerk when touched.  There is numbness in the hands and forearms which is aggravated by exertion and by cold weather.  The symptoms may typically come on between 2-4am.

Causticum – is one of the most frequently indicated remedies for chronic and recurring CTS.  There is stiffness and cramping, with burning or tearing pains in the wrist and hand.  Contraction of the flexor tendons in the palm of the hand is also a typical feature of a Causticum case.  The condition is somewhat eased by warmth and warm applications.  There is weakness and loss of strength in the hands, and numbness in the hands and fingers.

Viola odorata – this remedy is sometimes indicated in carpal tunnel syndrome as it has a particularly strong affinity for the right wrist.  There is typically a pressing pain felt in the wrist, which can extend to the hand and fingers, and there may be trembling in the affected hand.

If you would like to consider homeopathic treatment for your carpal tunnel syndrome, get in touch with me here to discuss how I can help you.