Knee injuries are among the most frequent problems encountered by sportspeople and dancers.  Injuries are typically from either overuse (eg in runners and dancers), or from trauma (eg in contact sports such as rugby).

Homeopathic treatment can be very helpful, both in the first stage immediately post-trauma, and later in supporting effective healing.  Many people who use homeopathy to treat sports injury report reduction in pain and inflammation, and accelerated healing, along with a more positive attitude to their recovery.

Homeopathic support is also beneficial after surgery, including hip and knee replacements, and for long term chronic conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Below are some of the homeopathic remedies that can be used immediately after a knee injury to reduce pain and promote recovery.  Professional support is recommended in more serious injuries, or where recovery is likely to be slow.

Arnica is the remedy to take immediately after the injury.  It will address the physical trauma, reducing swelling and bruising, and easing pain.  Take one dose of Arnica 30c, and repeat hourly for three further doses in the first instance.

Bryonia is a useful remedy for knee injuries where any movement is painful – even the slightest change of position may be excruciating.  Although the knee is painful, tight bandaging and firm pressure will relieve it (as this immobilises the knee to some extent).  Take a dose hourly for three doses, and repeat if needed.

Ruta grav is used in weakness of the knee which comes on after overexertion.  There may be stiffness and a bruised sensation.  Ruta has a strong affinity for tendons and ligaments, and is used frequently in the treatment of tendinitis and ligament injuries.  Take an initial dose of Ruta 30c if the symptoms fit, and repeat if needed for two further doses.  Ruta is among the remedies which may be needed in longer term recovery from injury, and in this case it is advisable to seek professional support.

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