Anxious thoughts are a sign of a strong, healthy brain doing exactly what strong healthy brains are meant to do – keep us safe. We humans are designed to pay more attention to threats and negative information than to positive information. This is because for our survival, it’s more important that we’re aware of the things that could hurt us than the things that could make us happy.” (Karen Young, ‘Hey Sigmund’)

One way of defining health is via the concept of freedom.  If we are able to respond flexibly and appropriately to the situation at hand, we are more able to live life to the full, unencumbered by limiting beliefs as well as symptoms.  Thus a truly healthy individual is one who is able to adapt well to change, both external and internal.

Symptoms are evidence that we are no longer free to adapt to our circumstances, and ‘go with the flow’, either psychologically or physically.  In the case of someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, for example, their anxious response is one that was once appropriate in their life, to protect and keep them safe, but is now out of place.  Homeopathic treatment can dynamically shift your ‘stuck’ state from the no-longer-appropriate ‘there and then’ anxious response, to the ‘here and now’ of adaptive freedom.

The homeopathic approach is a twofold one.  First of all, I invite you to tell me your whole story, and describe your experience.  I create a space in which your troubles can be heard and witnessed in an unhurried way, and without judgement.  For many people this begins the healing process, and they are able to begin to recognise the patterns which repeat in their life.  The homeopathic remedy that matches your experience, works to stimulate a dynamic shift and restore your health and sense of well being.

The remedy choice is individual to you, depending on your circumstances and experience.  Below are just a few of the many remedies I may prescribe for someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder.  There are a great many remedies to choose from, and the remedy match is as unique as you are.

Arsenicum album is a very important remedy in the treatment of anxiety.  A person who would benefit from Arsenicum feels profoundly insecure inside.  He feels vulnerable, and this can result in a great deal of anxiety.  The typical anxieties for this individual are those relating to his health and financial security, and this can make him quite obsessive about cleanliness, and worry a good deal about germs and disease.  He may also become very focused on being frugal and careful with money, and may hoard things in case he needs them later.  The desire to control his environment is a coping strategy which can become persistent, and limiting.  It is one of the main remedies which is used in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD).

Stramonium is another remedy which is often prescribed in cases of intense anxiety, but the picture here is different.  Stramonium may be indicated in situations that arise following trauma, fright or shock.  This might include situations such as birth trauma, car accident, sexual abuse, or other violent or traumatic circumstances.  The violence is typically mirrored in the physical symptoms or emotional state of the individual.  In children this can manifest in night terrors, sleepwalking, or aggressive or threatening behaviour.  They may be extremely anxious when alone, and have fears of darkness, death and violence. 

Lycopodium may be prescribed for those who appear to be confident, and have successful careers, but who become very anxious when faced with new challenges or responsibilities.  This anxiety may especially arise when he or she is faced with giving a speech or presentation in public, or an important exam, or an appraisal at work.  Inside he feels small and inadequate, and feels he must conceal this, compensating by exaggerating his achievements, and being rather domineering.  Lycopodium is one of the remedies that may be indicated in stress-related digestive symptoms, including irritable bowel syndrome.

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