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Homeopathy Clients

Karen is a wonderful, knowledgeable homeopath and a lovely, kind woman. She has helped me with peri-menopausal issues, recurrent headaches and a general lack of direction since I started seeing her for homeopathy 8 months ago. She listens very deeply to what you have to say and has a real talent for asking the sorts of questions that get right to the heart of the matter. She is always thorough in her consultations and is a careful prescriber. Between consultations she is always available and happy to discuss any issues that may need addressing, which I particularly appreciate. I travel 180 miles (and 180 miles back) for my appointments with her, she’s that good!

Mrs RK

Homeopathy Client

I first came to Karen after seeing a gynaecologist at my local hospital.  I was booked in for a procedure but decided to try homeopathy first.  I had been suffering for a number of years with gynaecological problems.  I felt at ease straight away when I had my initial consultation and went away with renewed hope that I may just escape surgery after all.

From the outset Karen has always showed such professional care and kindness and a real sense of empathy for her patients.  The help given to me has been outstanding and not only has my homeopathic treatment meant I’ve avoided surgery but has helped me remain free from symptoms for a number of months now.   My quality of life has improved considerably.  Thank you so much Karen for your help.


Homeopathy Client

I suffered from depression and anxiety for several years and at times

it was very debilitating. Karen has helped me gain control of my life

and has given me back my self confidence.

Mrs MJ

Homeopathy Client

About Me

Hello, I’m Karen. I am a homeopath based in Tavistock, Devon, UK and I also consult locally and worldwide via Skype. I am a lecturer and clinical supervisor at the School of Homeopathy in Stroud, and offer supervision for qualified homeopaths and for students.

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Supervision Clients

Karen has been my supervisor over a couple of years guiding me towards better understanding of my case taking and becoming more proficient. She helped me overcome my fears of doing it wrong and gain more confidence with every further case.

After presenting my case, she helped me to ‘unravel’ it again by inquiring into my thought process, always supporting my choices and bringing in her immense knowledge as a homeopathic practitioner.

I have learned so much from Karen, she was always there if I needed assistance.


Supervision Client

Karen proved a great supervisor for me. She supported me to arrive at my own prescriptions in each case. She challenged me when necessary so to deepen my enquiry which ensured that I truly understood what the presenting issues were. This in turn serves me well to this day as it allows me to get to the essence of the case early on in the process.

In addition to clinical guidance, Karen also helped me in developing a sense of identity as a practitioner which was a cornerstone to how I now work with my clients.

Working with Karen was a privilege and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is open to challenging yet nonjudgmental guidance on their journey of homeopathy.


Supervision Client