It’s a good question.

Here in the UK we have excellent healthcare provision, with a National Health Service that allows each of us to be seen by a doctor within 24 hours, and a wide range of drugs which effectively relieve our pain and emotional distress.  Surgery is capable of an astonishing range of previously unimaginable procedures, from blood transfusions to organ transplants.  Why would we need anything else?

Why?  Because homeopathy restores meaning to medicine.

It never quite made sense to me that the 30 year old man who develops psoriasis, or the young woman of 20 who experiences migraine headaches, are the victims of bad luck or random physiological and inherited defects.  Or for that matter, that menopause is a ‘design fault of God’ that needs to be corrected by replacing hormones.

Homeopathy helped me to see that, far from being meaningless, an individual’s disease is a unique constellation of symptoms which speaks to their deepest personal vulnerability.  The connectedness of this – what homeopaths call the ‘totality’ of symptoms – evidences a tutelary intelligence at work.

In other words, our symptoms are telling us something.

To read symptoms as meaningful requires a definition of health that is more than merely an absence of symptoms.  It is remarkable that, with the regular occurrence of personal setbacks, bad news, pollution, relationship concerns and dietary irregularities, we continue for the most part symptom free.  Health is the ability to adapt to our day to day circumstances, remaining free to carry on with our unique life story, to live, love, work and create.

We become aware of limitation when symptoms occur: the arthritis that weakens our grip; the restriction brought on by asthmatic breathing; the shame of an unsightly skin condition.  However, the inner limitation that brings meaning to our situation comes about when a circumstance occurs to which we are especially vulnerable: an impasse, an irreconcilable conflict.  Our being continues to make a dynamic adaptive effort – it does what it can to restore health, and produces symptoms in the attempt.

Symptoms are the language of suffering, and the story they tell is a uniquely personal one.  The homeopathic medicine that names and embodies this symptom picture will heal at the deepest level, restoring freedom.

I invite you to come with me on a journey of exploration: to look at what our symptoms might be telling us, and to tell some stories of healing.