Work with me

What to expect

  • Plenty of time to talk about everything that is troubling you.
  • A relaxed and confidential space, and a warm and non-judgemental listener.
  • I provide a clear treatment plan, sometimes including additional holistic recommendations to support your recovery.
  • I include an explanation of the homeopathic approach, and explain what to expect from your course of treatment.
  • I prescribe homeopathic remedies along with clear dosage instructions.

My Availability

It is important to find the right person to work with, and I recommend you start with a free Discovery Call, to ask me some questions and get a feel for how I work.

I work online via Zoom or FaceTime, and can usually accommodate international time zones. If you have any questions about this, please ask.

If you are within travelling distance of Tavistock, Devon (UK), I offer in person appointments at Tavistock Therapy Centre. If you would like to book to see me in person, please contact me to arrange.

Karen is a wonderful, knowledgeable homeopath and a lovely, kind woman. She has helped me with peri-menopausal issues, recurrent headaches and a general lack of direction since I started seeing her for homeopathy 8 months ago. She listens very deeply to what you have to say and has a real talent for asking the sorts of questions that get right to the heart of the matter. She is always thorough in her consultations and is a careful prescriber. Between consultations she is always available and happy to discuss any issues that may need addressing, which I particularly appreciate. I travel 180 miles (and 180 miles back) for my appointments with her, she’s that good!

Mrs RK

Healing helps us reconnect all the parts of ourselves and bring us back into balance and harmony. In health we are free to flourish and fulfil our natural potential.